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The Professional Left Podcast with Driftglass and Blue Gal
Ep 454 Take Our Security Clearance, Please!
August 17, 2018 Driftglass and Blue Gal
Jeanne Pirro says take away Hillary Clinton's security clearance. Please take away ours! More at



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Episode Transcript

Speaker 1:0:00You can listen to the professional left on Itunes, stitcher radio wide, our website [inaudible] dot com, where you can also contribute to this podcast. There's a paypal button on our website, or you can mail us a letter and slash or contribution net, Po box 933, springfield, Illinois six, two, seven, nine one.

Speaker 2:0:18Mrs. The podcast for August 17th, 2018. It's not safe for work.

Speaker 1:0:23Recorded, live from the cornfield resistance where our security clearances have never been touched. It's the professional left with drift labs and blue gal.

Speaker 2:0:39Did you notice Jeanine Pirro dope on her twitter stream suggesting it's time for Donald Trump to resend hillary Clinton's

Speaker 1:0:49security clearances. See, you lost me with the words Jeanine Pirro. I knew I would talk to a little shop to our, to our listeners. Um, Blue Dell has the unenviable task of strapping herself into a hazmat suit every goddamn day and waiting chin deep through the entire Republican shit sewer, uh, to produce and edit and sculpt and shape articles for Crooks and liars.

Speaker 2:1:19And especially this week, because Carol was on vacation, I hope if she's listening, because I think she probably will this. Listen, this weekend. I hope she's having a wonderful, wonderful break. She deserves it. She does. She did. It was. It was quite a week without her. We miss her. Please come back.

Speaker 1:1:35The boys and girls and most of the girls, let's face it, a crooks and liars who keep the place running, do an amazing job. I have the other hand as a blogger who does have. I do have a byline there and I. I do get linked to other places, but I don't write content for Crooks and liars. I have the freedom to pick whatever the hell I want. And if you don't want to ride a bike chain pro, you don't have to be. Sometimes during our work day, a intersect with each other at different points along the spectrum of interests we're doing.

Speaker 2:2:08That reminds me of just to start off the show with rest in peace. Aretha Franklin, Arestin soul, aretha Franklin. I'm sure she's not sure. She's singing wherever she is, a Ali veil. She, yesterday I had Carol King and Reverend Dow to remember because remember that was very close to aretha Franklin, a to remember a aretha Franklin and to remember natural woman and how that song came about and so forth. And Ali, Ali Velshi said, uh, later, uh, and he was covering for Chris Hayes and said to Rachel matter when they switched, show's over. You know, I spent almost an hour today talking about aretha Franklin and not talking about Donald Trump and it was heaven. So, uh, you know, I, I get that and yes, I do have this hazmat suit on really. I have a mental hazmat suit on when I'm writing about things for Crooks and liars have just churn out the post, get them done, do, do good.

Speaker 2:3:09I'm proud of my writing. I'm proud of my work there, but I don't, I try really, really hard not to get emotionally connected, uh, in a, uh, sort of a turn off. This is how I do it. I turn off the advocate and the activist in my brain and just have the journalist and the writer and the blogger going, right? Because if I have the activists going and the caring part and the wanting to make things better and they wanting to change things, I will just melt down. Because you're writing about Fox and you're writing about. Yeah, Jeanine Pirro like, you know, Jeanine Pirro wanting Hillary Clinton's security clearance revoked and all of the magazines out there that are just good. Do it, take everything away from her locker up and they're still doing that. It's insane. And so my wife has to be like, um, it's the poseidon adventure deep dive.

Speaker 2:4:10She has a whole swimming, swimming, swimming, swimming, swim to the other side and then do it again the next day and the day after that. And I have, I don't know, the luxury or the pendants, whatever it is. I, I get very dialed in on what I'm working on. Yes, sure. So I am not, I literally am not aware of anything else going on around but steal from you on a regular basis so you can't steal from you. Hey, we're married. And by the way, this is our anniversary show. Really? We, our wedding anniversary is this Sunday and we are, we are spending it driving junior dude back to college, so we will be in the car by ourselves on the way back listening to something. I probably will be listening to the David Corn Book on the way home or maybe some science fiction or something. Yeah. But, uh, we'll be listening to something fun for both of us.

Speaker 2:5:02And usually drift quest does all the driving and I do the knitting. So, uh, I don't know. I hear Jeanine Pirro has a new audience, so I think it's like four out of the top five selling books this week are by Fox News employees and on air personalities. And the fifth one is Rick Wilson and he is number one. So, uh, you know, Kudos to Rick Wilson for having a book entitled Everything Donald Trump touches dies, number one on top of all the Fox News books. But someone wrote me and asked me about that and said, isn't this just awful? These books are being written by Fox News. People are getting sold. And I said, you know, it's not as if they're being read there. Sometimes a book is not a, it's a talisman, it's a way of for conservatives to prove to themselves that they have an intellectual

Speaker 1:5:58basis for their philosophy. And so it's in this book, have you read Mark Levin's new book? Nobody's read Mark Levin's new book and it's also a bulk buy 'em from the object of writing a book, the object of writing a book he used to be to entertain it in the forum uplift traded novel. You work really hard with the story, you know, it's a thing. And there are people who still do that. Um, there are still people who write political books that are, that are very good and compelling, but right now, and really for the last 15 years or so, ever since regulary press got respectable, it started really cranking this stuff out because of New York City and money period, full stop. And once the other publishing houses discovered that there's money to be made selling blocks of paper to meat heads, um, everyone's on that confirmation that they have.

Speaker 1:7:01Like I said, it's a buck. And at Scott to be true, because that's in a book, Clinton cash, have you read it? And so I'm, that's why I think it was threshold additions hired Mary Madeline, despicable Gorg on Mary madeline to open up their conservative additions and the conservative imprint because the money is green at the purpose of those books as look, I've had a lot of different jobs in my life. I've had an awful lot of different jobs and, and, and, and when it comes to what people ask me where I'm from or what I do, I always have a very complicated answer because there's always different things. Um, so I've done a lot of different things, but in my heart of hearts, the thing I've done most of most of my life is right. One way or another. It's been a component of your job.

Speaker 1:7:46My job, it's always been a skillset I brought to him even though it wasn't my job title, especially when it wasn't, you know, I can frame a story. I know how to put things together in a way that makes sort of narrative sense in all kinds of personal side. Side note, I wish when someone locally or to ask you, what are you doing now? You would say writing rather than nothing. Okay, let's research well, and then they ask what do you write? And I'm like, well, that Andrew can be complicated depending on who you're talking to. It's complicated, but I respect the craft of writing. I really do and I respect a good story and and what is being produced on the right is not. They're not books in any sense of the word other than they occupied the same physical spaces as a book. They are their fetish objects by people to put on their shelf to say, see, that's my tribe and I'm with her or him and they're my people, and by the same token, to get money, put money into the pockets of people who shouldn't be employed doing anything other than selling the hot apple and Mcdonald's and most importantly to provide a vehicle by which you can drive yourself onto a panel discussion or a newspaper column, et Cetera. Because every one of them says author of author of

Speaker 2:9:11Cetera, that the best selling book, author of the bestselling book. Yes.

Speaker 1:9:16Yeah, so it is. You know, there is a. I'm not taking anything away from people who write good books, who ended up making best sellers and make a great living edit. Jk Rowling has as my my respect forever and ever white as well, but that's not what these are. And really it's, it's one more thing that the right has taken an institution like, like the free press, like fair and balanced news. You know, like every other institution in this country has been infected and hollowed out and replaced with a replicant that bears no resemblance to its original intent that the right says, see, we got one of those to look. We've got Paris Dennard, we have black people. What we had in result, and we have gay people, look, we have books, we have magazines, we have our own religion, we have our own TV station, were a separate reality altogether and we maintain the illusion of a factual reality by putting in place prompts that liberal reality, that real reality has in place that aren't props frozen. Oh, that's, that's how we live, but they have aped our reality and replicated it right down to the except nothing's that was readable or edible or functional. It doesn't work. It just looks like our reality because it's a. it's a movie prop, right? Anyway, I got way the hell off on.

Speaker 2:10:36We got way off our subject because we have new sponsors. We said for a while last week to crocs. I've had people sending me pictures of their crops this week to safer. Well, they're vintage now. That's right. But we have new sponsors drift glasses this week. We've been working hard. Our advertising kiddies have been working hard and getting these new advertisers on board. So the first one is, uh, our new fake sponsor, Mary mega delete. Yay. Yes. Does your embarrassing voter history smell of trump rally? Do you suspect you'll need to throw away your mag, a hat and all of your opinions before it becomes obvious that trump con you into voting for him? It's time to register early for a cleansing social media baptism from Mary mega delete before the mob shows up at your door to stone you dead for being caught in the very act of being a trump supporter, mary mega delete. We'll scrub your social media accounts, refresh your wardrobe by removing all traces of trump that bitch tee shirts, and even check your twitter feed. For those times you actually endorsed treason against the United States of America. You'll face your and community with the assertion that you're a born again, political virgin, an independent constitutional conservative who never liked the tweeting and your friends and neighbors won't find a single stone on google to cast at you. Warning Mary, mega delete is not responsible for family videos of you on Thanksgiving. Merry mega delete. Go and sin no more until the next time.

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Speaker 2:12:59outside of the box thinking that, well, that's,

Speaker 1:13:01that was straight out of the, a ripped from the pages actually, not literally not ripped from the pages of the New York Times. Rip from the rejection pile of the New York Times.

Speaker 2:13:12And this is Marisa Cabosse who shared her rejection letter from the New York Times on twitter under the Hashtag your rejections, right? I mean, there was this Hashtag out there about share your rejection. Tell us about her particular rejection letter that she received from the New York Times itself. Okay.

Speaker 1:13:31She did. She, uh, she's a writer, a real human, such as myself and, uh, yourself. And she, uh, she did what people do, submitted her writing for their consideration, presumably in such a way that it would make sense because they addressed her directly and she got a really enthusiastic and, and support it. That's the part that makes me cringe is that it was so you got this real enthusiastic, we'd love to have you on the team, but because you consider me completely reversing your opinion and then taking the opposite position. Um, it was about Doug Jones, uh, Doug Jones basically wanting to give a Democrat from Alabama. I'm a who beat Roy Moore, wanting to give him a pass on his willingness to give, uh, a Donald Trump a pass on his sexual predation, which is pretty horrifying. So, but, uh, and, and, but they told her that they love to work with you and they're confident, we'll find a good subject.

Speaker 1:14:33But this just feels too predictable. Um, something to keep in mind as you pitch me. So this is to a person, I'm not sure who this is from. We have enough people on board here, Roxane, gay, Lindy West, Michelle Goldberg, etc. That can deliver the progressive take on something this like this quickly, so trying to think more. CounTerintuitively, god goes on to say basically what you should try is reversing your opinion and said this, that because we don't give a shit what we published. We just have to make sure both sides are represented. Every box is checked. Yeah. It really is just. It's that moment when the harlan ellison grabs the tv producer by the lapels and lifts him off his chair and says, you fucking want me to do what now? Door, because the person who has economic control over whether or not you will be published has absolutely no business in that position.

Speaker 1:15:36Good stocking a grocery shelf and we have too many tomatoes but not enough bananas. So I know you came with a tomato and you have a tomato farm and we love tomatoes, but we're short on bonanza so we could you consider making your tomato into a banana so we can sell it, except of course instead of a banana is a toxic shit pile of bad opinions that we have to shovel out the door because if we don't nazis will eric our house. So I just looked at that and shook my head and said, yeah, you know, for someone who lives in the cornfield and rights sort of for myself on a little blog, the, the ability to deduce how newspapers make their decisions is limited by insider knowledge. And every time I get a little glimpse behind the curtain I go, yup, yup. Of course. That's the way it works. It could work. There's no way it could work any other way. It has to work that way.

Speaker 2:16:28Right. So, right. That's where our advertisers happy anniversary and I have been, we'll have been married seven years on sunday. Yeah. Longer than that, we have. Well, we knew each other online for three or four years and then we met officially face to face at a shakespeare sister meetup in february of $2,000. So that's over 10 years. An irish bar up in evanston, irish bar. I've been evanston. Yeah. I was visiting chicago from birmingham, Alabama and we finally got to meet face to face. And I, uh, you know, resisted the temptation to just get down on my knees and say, I'm not worthy. I'm not worthy. I'm not worthy. But, uh, turns out I was worth it. You folks,

Speaker 1:17:18I do want to have a brief aside. I'll put those up on our links. This is not on our notes anywhere. It's not a surprise. There will be no pop quiz. But you mentioned the, uh, the, the, our, our brand new sponsor, the people, the good people who will wipe away your, your twitter history, your social

Speaker 2:17:39maggie. Delete a mega delete. Yes.

Speaker 1:17:43This story is from the la times. It's, it's one of those trump voters, uh, stories, you know, uh, I would, I call magical rural ism. And it's about soybean farmers and father and son. And how, you know, it's, it's trump farmers are worried about this and you, you dial right down to the bottom there and it's a father and son. And the son is saying, uh, this is, this gonna hurt us, uh, this soybean tariff, but the beans have to go somewhere. So he's pretty confident they'll gonna make their money back. Don't worry about it. And this is a direct quote, I don't like him, his trump's persona necessarily, but he's getting things done. The eConomy's going well, industry's growing, stock market is good. And here's the money quote. I don't like all his tweets. He's kind of crude, but I'd rather have a person say what he thinks that what he's supposed to say and then lie through his teeth. And his father says, you don't think trump lies to us. And his son says they all lie. Oh, every side right there, right? That's going to be. He's going to walk that shit back once he loses the fucking family farm and his dog is stick to. I never really supported him. I didn't like the tweets. Everybody lies. I'm an independent write book on it. They're everywhere folks, they're your neiGhbors, they're your friends, they're people that you know at work and this is how they're going to do

Speaker 2:19:11well. Let's hope they are so demoralized by the loss, by losing because this is what I've been told over and over again, which is, as soon as it's clear that the hashtag winning isn't working anymore for trump. And that's already started, I think about six months ago that the polishes off the shoe on this one, uh, the, the peel off is going to be all but that 21 percent, you know, cult member. Yeah. And everybody is going to be an independent and a what we know who these people are there. Hopefully they'll stay home, you know, if, if that's, if there are alternative is voting republican, hopefully they'll stay home page requests. I've got breaking news. A judge ellis in the paul manafort trial has revealed that he has been threatened. So, uh, keep you, keep him in your thoughts. He never goes anywhere without the protection of marshall's. But, uh, that's a scary thing. A, it's not a surprising thing, but that's a scary thing. Yeah. Uh, he, he also adds that he will, he will not unseal the names of jurors for their own safety. Well, that's, we're living in really terrifying time.

Speaker 1:20:20Do you remember, and I'm going to try to pull this up while we're talking. Do you remember way back during the bush administration? It was called justice sundays. Oh yeah, yeah. It was those, those black robe terrorists, liberal judges, and I can't remember who it was. I believe it was a senator I believe was a senator from Arizona. I'm not sure which one I want to pick on him and I don't want to do the research on the fly, but who blamed courtroom shootings on liberal judges. you're over activist liberal judges because that's immediately where their minds go. Senator, you don't mean I think an actual us republican senator. Well that would be if it was, if it was a senator from Arizona, that would be jeff flake or john mccain. Oh, before, before flake flake. Okay. Flip it again. I'm not sure. So put that down with an asterisk. I will look it up later and I'll throw it in our links. But the, the idea of whenever anything like this happens, you go to position is well, you know, liberal activist judges, right? Right. I mean the, the good people of America are so outraged by this and it's also a reminder that there existed a republican administration before the fucking trump administration.

Speaker 2:21:42Absolutely. And they want to take away your healthcare and those people, they want to take away public schools and they want to take away a nursing home care, a federally funded nursing home care and their ideas are terrible.

Speaker 1:21:55And don't let people who want to dismiss trump as an independent want to walk away from this. Don't let them forget that they voted for bush two. Yep. And they believe barack obama was a kenyan usurper and his wife was a welfare mooc. Never left them live that shit down. Don't let them pretend that history began six months ago because what can you do that you lose any hope of saving this country? You was all arguments and everything becomes pointless because you're arguing with thin air.

Speaker 2:22:25Romney is going to win in a landslide drift glass. Sure. Which ones? Hey, let's do a news. Roundup has been a very busy Week. Alright. A trump admitted that he revoked John Brennan security clearance because of his role in the investigation because why the fuck not

Speaker 1:22:43sure why wouldn't be odd. Not rudy giuliani. You remember? Henry, julie taymor, mayor of New York is been on the news a lot recently so that he and trump's legal team are prepared to fight a potential presidential subpoena all the way to the supreme court. That's what innocent people do. They refuse to submit to a subpoena, which is absolutely standard issue paper for anyone asking anyone to testify, but it is so obvious. So these people are so guilty that yet we'll fight it all with the supreme court and hopefully will slot in one more judge there who believe that presidents are above the law. And that's why he was selected for that position. And because the heritage foundation wants him. Yup. Yup.

Speaker 2:23:27Uh, omarosa week. Yes. It certainly was a. She claimed she claimed it. Yeah.

Speaker 1:23:33Omarosa. Manigault newman. I don't want to be on a first name basis with this one.

Speaker 2:23:38Okay. She claims it. Betsy devoss said black students who booed her 2017 commencement speech lack the capacity to understand unquote what she's trying to accomplish because that's not racist, by the way. The fact that school teachers in this country have to be on food stamps. Someone tweeted this week, school teachers, there are school teachers out there who are on food stamps. There are college professors who are stuck in, you know, just being a adjuncts who don't have enough to live on. And yEt betsy devoss and her family owned multiple yachts. Uh, and she has bought the secretary of education job. Yeah, that's a problem. That breaking news today, Donald Trump is trying to through as considering privatizing the afghan war. Yes. Her brother, her brother who's a notorious mass murderer really you can say, or leader of a mercenary army, the killed lots and lots of civilians are handing them the job of Iraq, of, of, of taking care of the afghan situation.

Speaker 2:24:50I guess what, there's not gonna be any money coming out of the democratic congress in 2019 for that to happen. So it looks nice. It sounds a lot like to me, since he is also a witness in the trump Russia to pay off. It's a pay off. Absolutely. He's paying off people he can pay off and he silencing people or or punishing people who he can't pay off the money. That was medical booman. Mrs. Medical newman was handed, was offered is what's called the trade in the trump world. Hooker go away. Money 15,000 $1,500 a month, $15,000 a month, 50,000 a month, which adds up to awfully close to a stormy. Daniels was offered and awfully close to what a lot of other people were allegedly offered. I remember when me and my three kids made that in a year, 2008. That was our income for the year and I still remember I used to teach at columbia college and I used to have other jobs that are too and there were professors who had come down from milwaukee. Yeah. And cap out at a cheap motel and teaching circuit three different universities for most of the weekend and go back home because that's the only way they could afford to do what they loved and teach and live put. Keep a roof over their head. So it probably didn't have health insurance because they are working on.

Speaker 2:26:14They might have it now. Uh, when I was there, there was a desperate attempt to create a, an adjunct professor, part time faculty union. I hope that thick. I still have my union card by the way, from them, which makes me kind of proud. Let's finish. Ms dot newman secretly tape John Kelly firing her in december in the situation room as well as the phone call she had with trump after she was fired. She claimed trump called trump jr. A quote. Fuck up. Well, who doesn't call him that after? I know who doesn't? Kimberly doesn't. She calls him junior mint. Yeah. Uh, I still call him a fuckup after he released all of his emails about the temp trump tower meeting via twitter. Oh, jesus christ. And uh, omarosa newman was also called wacky. Not smart. Crazy crying lo life and quote a dog unquote by Donald Trump on twitter

Speaker 1:27:12and the jewel in that pile of shit and it's all pilot because there's a lot of other things that are sort of flying below the radar like this betsy devoss thing. The jewel was not just the recorded, the phone call she got from Donald Trump, but that Donald Trump was such a, such an absolutely coward, a cowardly whipped loser on the phone

Speaker 2:27:31lying to her and I didn't even know.

Speaker 1:27:35Well, they've got a whole big operation over there.

Speaker 2:27:38Yep. They worked for, you know, he's president of the United States of America, so to speak.

Speaker 1:27:46The petty, bigoted, small minded, you know, rotting brain of archie bunker and the system is something that exists over there and it's their fault or they're doing it to me even though you're now in charge of it and clearly you. So he's a coward might everything else. All we think he is known for his firing people on tv at turns out he's too big a gutless shit to do that. When I called and asked directlY

Speaker 2:28:12or a pussy, if you will, I don't use language like that. It's got all kinds of shit.

Speaker 1:28:21Have a lot of assholes. Oh, I'm sorry. I just violated my own rule there. Yes. The fbi has investigated several cyber attacks over the past year, targeting the democratic opponent of dana rohrabacher. You might remember dana rohrabacher. He is an employee of a bladder. Uh, he's widely seen as the most pro Russia pro member of congress who voted against russian sanctions and has been warned by the fbi, was working by the fbi that moscow was trying to recruit him as an asset and it was given him a run for his money. Ran paul? Yes, definitely my beer. Hold my libertarian beer there, dana. I'm going all the way.

Speaker 2:29:01Alright. Sarah huckabee, sanders was forced to apologize for claiming that trump had created three times as many jobs for black people as obama did during his tenure. Well, then she gave three fIfths of an apology. You wrote that? I didn't write that.

Speaker 1:29:17I put it in bold. Who's though we can both see it. Fifty one percent of republicans. This was a few days ago, might be harder than that. Now probably is, say the news media is the enemy of the people and not important part of democracy. So mission accomplished. Republicans way to go

Speaker 2:29:3110 green over at mark. Paper scissors has a really good post about that, about the editorials that were put together, uh, and coordinated as a topic. They were not, tHe message was not coordinated, but all of these newspapers published a freedom of the press editorial and a 10 grand did a really good post about you were just playing right into donald trump's hands if you do a coordinated effort to, to push back on that a. All right. The fbi fired peter strock for quote violating bureau policies like everything else donald Trump is doing with the Russia inVestigation. This is straight up political retribution.

Speaker 1:30:09Yeah. We, we know now for a fact that paul manafort sent recommendations. Those would be the people who had been bribing him for a job over to jared cushner, uh, in late 2016 for consideration. And uh, I believe the response back was

Speaker 2:30:26on it. It's doing it right out in the open folks. They didn't have any expectation that they were going to have to hire an entire white house staff or an entire anybody's jobs to people. I mean, that's the point. Sure. Stephen miller's uncle wrote an op ed and political co or no? Was it on political or was it at. I think it was political. It was everywhere. It was everywhere. Yeah. I think it was political reasons, bad calling his nephew and immigration hypocrite and boys. He ever, uh, he, his, his ancestors who would have been killed by the nazis had that. They're not being a, a nation in the United States that lived up to what the statue of liberty stands for. That took his family and yeah.

Speaker 1:31:12Donald trump this week signed a defense piece of legislation named after john mccain and refuse to mention john mccain's name during this.

Speaker 2:31:22Yes.

Speaker 1:31:25He's it because it's just. What's the pettiest shittiest thing I can do. And his base, many of whom are veterans are standing on their hind legs, like the trade hogs that they are clapping

Speaker 2:31:39another, another speech before the armed services. So, which he promised he wouldn't do. So, uh, the interior secretary, ryan zinky, who should not be in his job anymore, period, blamed environmentalist for california's wildfires. Yeah. Honestly,

Speaker 1:31:59this will come as a shock, but an analysis of the internet research agency in 2016 shows that $3 million tweets from accounts from that internet organization. We're organized to push support for jill stein's candidacy and slam hillary clinton. That's a russian troll farm. Uh, so, you know, again, I hate to say I told yourself not because it delights me less each time I do it, but because it's getting exhausting to say, I told you so, so often and so free service so frequently and so forcibly. Every time this happens, every, I swear to god, this is just becoming exhausting. This is where, this is actually where I'm standing with the never trumpers a year from now, once all of my good liberal friends who were going build crystals, you know, he's turned the corner that charlie sykes, he's a guy, will discover much to their surprise, their back full of stilettos from their friends who have used them for to save their own political asses, who, who've gotten past the immediate crisis.

Speaker 1:33:08And now, fuck you. We're going to recap. We're going to reconstitute the republican party. We're gonna do exactly the same evil shit we've always done, but we're going to get a better front man to do olga at ted cruz to do it. I'm not going to be shocked at the betrayal. Are going to be shocked at their friends. Really never had any fucking principles to begin with. And at that point I'm gonna do the same dance I've been doing with glenn greenwald. I told you so. I told you so. I told you so and trust me for you bloggers out there and podcasters out there, there's no profit in being right about this shit.

Speaker 2:33:35Nope. Trust me, there's no money in it. Yeah. I want to talk about the one that you wrote about today. Uh, let's, let's just, I will just note that the Illinois manufacturer stacks to products is going to lay off 150 workers close to factories and move to Mexico. Why? Because of trump's steel tariffs lose local paper. American jobs gone

Speaker 1:33:58because of steel tariffs specifically one hunDred 50 jobs. Boob gone. Thank you. But this is the one that caught my eye because this is the one that has gone national.

Speaker 2:34:06It has gone national. I have something to add to it, but you go right ahead and tell us the basic part of it. Well,

Speaker 1:34:12here's the thing, uh, uh, as you might know, there's a candidate we support named betsy dirksen launder grant. We do. She is a democrat in springfield who is taking on the guy who was one of the whip counters for Donald Trump. You have the house to get rid of my family's healthcare and then have a beer bust afterwards and his name is rocky davis and rodney davis is going to lose, um, and, and he's losing because he deserves to lose and he loses. He's losing it because as far as I'm concerned, all of their boats are tied to Donald Trump, all of them. And so they're getting kind of stupid and desperate and flailing and ugly. And one of his campaign staffers who's been on republican campaigns for a long time, uh, and it's important for me to note that he's an african american gentleman working for a republican in the age of Donald Trump.

Speaker 1:35:10So he's your paris dennard, if you will. Our local parish start. His name is levi level and levi level decided he would show up at betsy dirksen laundry guns campaign event, which is fine. You can show up there as a democrat, republican, independent. No problem at all. She'll meet anybody's shoulders, shake anyone's hand, but he decided to get good and liquored up and take his phone out and be an asshole and not just be any hassle, but wander around, shoving people out of the way so there's this discrimination. You're kicking me out, you're discriminating against me. You're just giving a speech and shoving people and yelling at them and and doing everything that you could possibly do to get your ass thrown out of a bar anywhere for any reason, much less a political reason. He was asked politely to leave a few times the bartender and a few others, a score to the door and that's when he started throwing punches.

Speaker 1:36:02So you can now see his. His mugshot. Yeah. We put some wires in your blog and a lot of other places you can now see, because he wasn't the only one there holding a phone camera. You can see a mr. A level set fire to his future political future in technicolor. Glory. Also going viral and you can see rodney davis apologizing for the fact that his campaign staff or did this and refusing to answer any questions about whether or not he was supposed to do this seriously. So it is a gift given to the lottery campaign. I don't think they need it, but it's certainly this really does

Speaker 2:36:42what I want to add to this because a betsy dirksen landrigan, uh, she did not try to take advantage of this, uh, story, uh, because ronnie davis campaign did fire. this guy was their manager of a turf operations, like, you know, he, he was, he was somebody locally in the campaign that was an official paid employee of the campaign. And he was fired as soon as they found out he'd been arrested for this act. He was fired and rodney davis denounced his behavior and denounced what he did and said, we're tryinG to run a clean campaign and stay positive and stick to the issues and not drag ourselves down. He's had a. Rodney davis has tried to put on this halo since the shooting at the baseball game in which he was playing a to say, oh, you know, we're all better than this and we're all better to, we should, we should be civil with one another and so forth and so on.

Speaker 2:37:41Okay. And, and to be fair, so far, he has not gone into negative campaign. Adding ads against betsy. Betsy dirksen, lonergan also released a statement today, uh, say saying that you know, this behavior was unacceptable and that she would continue to hold public events and public town halls in spite of this invasion of. And she didn't use the word invasion, but in spite of this, this occurrence, she would continue to hold public events and public town halls. Now, why would you that? Because rodney davis doesn't do that. Rodney davis is afraid of people like me coming to his events and reminding him of his vote against my children and I having health insurance. And then whoa, going to a bud lite blast in the rose garden with Donald Trump. And you know, I'm not going to a protest. Rodney davis, a drunk and holding out my cell phone saying you're discriminating against me and then throw punches when someone tries to stop me from doing that. But I will speak out and say, as your constituent representative rodney davis, I am very upset about your vote against me and my health insurance. He doesn't want to hear that. He wants to speak about turning your country into Russia. I don't want to turn my country into Russia. That would be an honest statement that long. Wow.

Speaker 1:39:25It is true. So rodney davis was terrified of his own.

Speaker 2:39:29Exactly. He does tele town halls, which I have attended where you, uh, confirm on his website that you are a constituent of his. So you have to have the right phone number and put in your address and your zip code because if you're not a constituent he will not allow you on the call. And then if you are a conStituent, you can be on the call. But he has preselected those Individuals who will ask a question on the tele town hall that you have to phone in and listen to on your telephone. So, uh, and he, he is events are primarily a invitation only or scheduled way ahead of time and a ticketed or in some other way

Speaker 1:40:15in attendance. I'm not going to promise that I will not be drunken of noxious, but I'm saving that for the night of november six. Watch the votes come in and that's when we'll be popping. I'm not doing it early. I understand the west wing. I will go outside now and I will split three times around and not risk the crews from the thing up on high. You better, right? You better write a, a funny post speeches, speeches, liberal means being on the losing side a lot. So I have all kinds of concession speeches all lined up. I'm one of the delights of being a, a liberal loser is that the good people at the american conservative magazine play, um, offered me an opportunity to advance my career because the good people at the american conservative magazine, uh, decided to wait into the science fiction area.

Speaker 1:41:20Oh no. Because this is sort of a quote I used when I used to, uh, facilitate lead writing groups. Um, by getting Christopher Evans who's a science fiction writer, perhaps the christmas definition is that science fiction is a literature of what if, what if it travel in tonight, what if we were living on other planets, et cetera, and now, and there's an actual science fiction magazine from the fifties called if I'm robert heinlein has a story called if this goes on. So the question of what if is a terrific hallmark of good literature, of speculation and possibility and did and dystopian, so on and so forth. However, it can be grossly abused. For example, today the american conservative magazine had this headline. What if Russia gate is the new wmds? Well, imagine my surprise at learning that we're gonna spend some time at a conservative magazine speculating that.

Speaker 1:42:13Sure, the Iraq war was a giant fuck up and sure it was a terrible idea for all those people over there. not us conservatives over here of course, but those people over there to get on board with this terrible idea. But what if it turns out Russia gate is just as bad. He liberals, same boat. I thought about it and I thought about it, said, you know what, have a point. Um, it's possible that Russia gate will turn out to be the wmd on the left. It's possible. Oh my god, wait a minute. Wait, wait. The wmd and aren't you kind of like indicting yourself at that point as what, as the party of wmds that you went along with the lie with george w dot bush and reelected him? This is, this is the republican detachment disorder. Um, it wasn't me, it wasn't charlie sykes.

Speaker 1:43:07It wasn't rick wilson. It wasn't joe scarborough. There's a, there's another conservative movement over there. Blue gowns. All of them supported reelecting George W. Bush. Those dumb asses were all down with this. But we, we hover in sort of an orbital platform above reality and above history and above consequences where we can say wasn't. It's silly for those on the right to believe this bullshit, but you know what? You know what those on the left might do, might, might just, might turn out that they're just as silly and we should really think about that. I thought about that five guilty pleas that Robert Mueller has gotten already. Yeah. Well, I thought, you know, what? Am I man enough? Am I man enough to accept the same kind of professional sanctions that were meted out? Absolutely. The Iraq war pimps after the bush administration clubs. Yes, I am. Yes, I am.

Speaker 1:43:58God dammit. If, if I'm wrong, then let me be a respected tv pundits for the rest of my life. Let me have a New York times column for the rest of my fucking life. Let me be in the Washington post, the wall street journal. Let me have a book tour and a lecture tour. Let me have my own syndicated national newspaper column and on fucking radio show. Sure. I am mad enough responsibility for if this turns out to be as wrong as the wmd shit was, I will take exactly the same consequences that all of those Iraq war pimps were handed out

Speaker 2:44:32by the media. Thank you very much ladies and gentlemen. Hey, there you go. I want to talk for a moment about the catholic church and this horrible report came out about the catholic church. Having an actual playbook on how to cover up for priest sexual abuses, uh, the fbi released this report. What is a clear to a lot of people who've been commenting on this, not just me, is that, uh, you can't gradually wait for the catholic church to reform a institute and there are other institutions that, yes, have this problem and need correcting, but the one that we're talking about right now is the catholic church. Uh, there are a couple of people who are predictably continuing to try to defend the catholic church when the vatican is no longer doing so. A one is this conservative guy named matt walsh who got a brilliant take down on twitter. I did want to share this. A conservative matt walsh said homosexuals have committed over 80 percent of the abuse in the catholic church. That is an empirical fact and it is not really up for debate. And a trial lawyer, max kennerley retweeted that and said yes, by your logic, catholics have committed 100 percent of the abuse in the catholic church is an empirical fact.

Speaker 2:46:13So, uh, yeah. And, and of course, the catholic league, which is one person a bill, what's his name again? I can't remember the name of the science guys exactly opposite of him. Uh, and yes, there are other institutions that are having this kind of problem, but not to this extent and not for this length of time of an institutional protection of them have abusers while at the same time, you know, putting priests in jail who steal from the till, showing that they do have a process by which they will correct a priest and remove a priest from office that they just won't do it if they're abusing a little kid. That's it. Thank you. And he's still trying to. Sure he's got, he's got a million suckers. We'll give them money. It's a catholic league actually. Um, when, after their critics. And oh gosh, I can't even, I can't talk about it anymore. I can't talk about it anymore. They, they, they accused their critics. I am not making this up. A venting

Speaker 1:47:30little boys. This is what is wrong with you in the same universe as tearing children out of their mother's arms. Laughing is wrong with you. Well, there's, there's a, there's a, there's a piece of their soul that's missing and that's really. This is a, this is a. We should do an entire podcast on this actually because it's a consequential problem. You cannot communicate with someone who has gone to the dark side and who thinks abusing children is trivial or funny, or they had it coming or that'll show them you can't communicate with them. There's no. There's no possibility of getting them to understand that what they believe is evil because they just don't accept that evil exists or that they're part of it and you're never going to. You're never going to get them to see it and the only way to deal with people like that is to stop them, is to sequester them, is to build an actual cultural and electoral wall around them and shame them into oblivion and not give them political power and not give them money and not give them tv time and not put them on the radio.

Speaker 1:48:41And that's the problem with the marketplace of ideas. The marketplace of ideas is a good theoretical construct, but as someone said, if I have an orange crate and a bull horn and you've got a billion dollars, you're going to win. Yes. Right. There's no way around that. If you take money out of the equation, if you equalize access to the marketplace of ideas based on your credible ideas, what you believe, what you can prove, you take the idea that I don't want to listen to your fucking liberal facts because they make me uncomfortable out of the equation. Liberals win all the time and that's the whole point of creating this artificial world with its fake books and it's fake lawyers and it's fake tv, is to have a world where there are no consequences for those kind of behaviors because it isn't the real world. It's an artificial construct were evil people and stupid people and bigger people can live and feel like they're living in a real world. It's all artificial and it's gotten too big to pretend that we can just shrug it off and wells just those guys. Well, it's just, you know, so one election. No, no, no. This election, you have to register, you have to vote, you have to get out of your house and do something about it or

Speaker 2:49:56one side or the other, and don't complain about the choice you have to make because it's a choice between our democracy continuing or not a drug class. We're going to sum it up. Uh, if you want to talk about today besides say help others register. We are going to go to a volunteer meeting next tuesday. It's three months until the election and tuesday night we're going to be at a volunteer meeting for betsy dirks of lawdragon, our local challenger, democratic challenger for the house of representatives. we hope that you will find a house member to support adopted, adopted democrat and help get them elected even if you're in a safe blue district. Find somebody else to help out.

Speaker 1:50:47Well, we'd like to sit one thing, and this is something that you brought up repeatedly, but you always bring up the. The problem of being, uh, of, of, of associating. Being a christian was being a nice guy. So when it comes to the matter of taking sides, at no point in the new testament, does jesus stop taking sides, right? At no point does it say you have both sides. You know, every journey, all paths are equal. No, no, no, no, no. It doesn't say that at all. And there's a very specific quote from matthew that, that, uh, charlie pierce reminded me of from jesus that says specifically whoever welcomes a little child like this in my name, welcomes me, but if anyone causes one of these little ones who believe in me to stumble, it would be better for him to have a large millstone hung around his neck and to be drowned in the depths of the sea. There are two sides of this issue. One's right and one's wrong. If you're voting for the side that's wrong, you own it.

Speaker 2:51:52Yeah. And that you own. If you're voting and not voting to get this man out of office, then you are betraying the children at the border. I'm going to be real clear about that. You are. You need to vote. However, pragmatically you need to vote to get this monster out of office. He needs to go. That's what we're about right now. And I realized there are people in safe blue districts who think they can vote their heart and their and so forth. We don't have time for that right now. Uh, and I, I do think there is one election where a liberals can make a choice and that's the New York governor's recreates the quote of the week. She really did get the quote of the week. This week andrew cuomo put his foot boot right in his mouth with this. America is not really all that great fathers trying so hard to try to make some sort of connection about, uh, improving the lives of american people. And you want to read the quote to Cynthia Nixon had.

Speaker 1:53:02Well, he was up there just flailing around trying to say things that, you know, he thought the audience liked to hear. I like kale. Wheat was great, bicycles are wonderful, and he just was flailing. He was like, he has no idea what progressive actually care about. So he was just sort of ligand things out that he thought I love card tricks. I love lamp and it was, it was that bad, really wasn't that bad. And for this son of mario cuomo, would it be that fucking awful at being a politician is just, wow, that skipped the hell out of that generation didn't. But Cynthia Nixon a who knows how to land a punch of someone said said, I think this is just another example of andrew cuomo trying to figure out what a progressive sounds like and missing by a mile.

Speaker 2:53:48Right? Right. Which is perfect. Perfect. Alright. Each week we post to our facebook page and website and internet kitty sent in by you the listeners. This week we have two internet kitty's socks and scooter, and they have the glowy eyes from the flash from the camera internet. Kitty power compels you to visit our facebook page and website, pew pew, pew visit socks and scooter and our facebook page and website. They are fantastic. Kitty's. You can send your internet kitty to us at our email address, prolife Or you can also write to both of us, feel free to write us. Don't forget letters that we received this month will receive in exchange a professional left both sides. Don't. Bumper sticker herei while supplies last. And we've got a big stack of them. We have a summer job for youngest child. She gets to address envelopes. So I'm paying her to do that a small amount.

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